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Training and Career Development in NovelQ
During the kick-off meeting of NovelQ in March 2006, it was emphasised that the project, as well as having very clearly defined scientific and technological goals, also provided an excellent basis for the training and career development of its members. The focus of training and career development is on young people but the activities are open to others from the project that also see benefits from participation. 

  • Training is seen primarily as providing project members with expert practical and theoretical information about the technologies exploited and developed within NovelQ, their potential and the nature and extent of current knowledge gaps. It is provided within the day-to-day activities of the project as well as through dedicated workshops and meetings involving acknowledged leaders in the fields, mainly – but not exclusively – from within NovelQ.
  • Career Development represents a much wider activity, providing a context for the laboratory- and industry-based endeavours. Its aim is to equip individuals with a wide range of background knowledge and practical skills that will facilitate and promote their career development.

Both training and career development are dynamic processes and it is expected that the skills and knowledge gained will be further spread and disseminated to other colleagues in industry and academia. In this way the processes developed within NovelQ will add value over a wider population. Such dissemination may be seen as another element of training in effective communication.

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