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Role of the Industry Advisory Platform
IAP has the following tasks:
  • To provide the NovelQ Board with suggestions and comments on issues such as optimisation of applicability and exploitation of project results;
  • To study and report on specific strategic issues regarding the scope of the project activities;
  • To advise on adjustments of the project as a result of new insights and developments in and outside the project;
  • To participate at the annual IAP meetings;
  • To consider participation in demonstration projects, together with NovelQ partners. 

IAP members are involved via their business development managers and research departments. The interaction between project partners and IAP members is ensured via dialogue at annual meetings, questionnaires for IAP members, development of a technology transfer mechanism, definition of demonstration projects in a later stage of the Integrated Project and participation of IAP members therein (via a competitive call that will be open to all interested experts).

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