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Working Approach
NovelQ represents an integrated interdisciplinary research, demonstration and dissemination project designed to overcome current bottlenecks that exist across the entire R&D chain. These bottlenecks inhibit the introduction of novel processing technologies in the European food industry and so limit is competitiveness. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, two fully interacting approaches have been adopted in sub-projects of the overall Integrated Project NovelQ:
  • firstly, in Sub-projects 1 and 2 a comprehensive knowledge base will be developed offering mechanistic and kinetic insights into the effect of novel processing and packaging materials on the safety and quality of complex food products (solids and liquids) of plant origin. This approach is adopted, as opposed to the examination of model systems (e.g. buffer systems), because, whilst the latter is simpler, its results are less readily transferred to industry. Sub-project 1 focuses on mechanistic and kinetic insights in changes of food components and food products during processing with novel processing. Novel processing schemes include high pressure (HP), pulsed electric field (PEF) and cold plasma. Sub-project 2 focuses on the effects of novel processing on packaging materials and food package material interactions with the food itself (e.g. migration).
  • secondly, an integrated product/process development and demonstration approach (embracing reversed chain thinking) will be developed for the range of products mentioned above. These include a number of regional products subjected to novel processing. Sub-project 3 focuses on consumer perceptions of novel processing; Sub-projects 4 and 5 on pan-European innovation, demonstration, dissemination, training and career development. In Sub-project 6, the project management and administration is outlined, emphasis being placed on managing innovation processes in R&D projects.
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